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Looking for help with my web framework


svnO.o    28

I'm looking for developers who are interested in contributing to (or testing) an open source framework built on-top of NodeJS meant to automate many web development tasks. I am working on a framework and then a content management system that will compete against the likes of WordPress with the 20+ years of web development knowledge that I have. I plan on having features that include interactions with block chain technologies and use of machine learning algorithms to intelligently update your site for you based on target parameters.  I may introduce paid-for / subscription features along with a marketplace once the project is further along. I plan on having an incentives model tied to all of this.


The project site is currently at: http://www.moxyscript.com/ with my GitHub repo at: https://github.com/dcmox


I am currently working on the framework aspect now which will be built on top of NodeJS/express as the core (which may eventually be replaced with a home brew component). A template engine (Stencil-JS) and ORM (object relationship mapper) is in the works to go along with the core framework, along with many other components. I should have a prototype for the core framework within the next couple of weeks.


If you are interested, please reply or feel free to PM me or contact me via my LinkedIn and let me know how you think you can help: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-moxon/


The project is still in early stages. I also plan on having a PHP version as well. I've already built a lot of the PHP version previously but have no yet released the code. I'm thinking of refactoring what I have in PHP once I get the NodeJS framework closer to completion.


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