How to patch uxtheme.dll manually without patcher?


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I am using win 7 64 and want to patch uxtheme.dll. themeui.dll, themeservice.dll manually for security reason and for learning. For now I tried different resource editors, and compared patched dlls and original and didnt found critical differences. Also tried to change version info with resource hacker, but it didnt worked.

Then I unzipped dlls and compared .text, .reloc and other raw files with hex editor flexhex and found the big differences, almost 80%. So I doubt that it was done with hex editor(or was it?). So probably it was decompiled somehow. Does anyone know or heard of the proper way to get a normal code from those 3 dlls  so I could continue from or there? Or even better if you know the other easier way to modify original dlls without patcher, with your own hands.

I'll be glad to read your messages!


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