This apparently fixes Plex app constant buffering on Xbox One


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Sometime recently a new update was pushed to the Xbox One which has again broken the Plex app to which it constantly buffers direct streams.


Shamelessly copied from here while looking for a solution it seems that the Kodi app does a far better job:

  • Install Kodi on your Xbox One
  • Launch Kodi, goto addons; search for Plex and install Plex
  • Run Plex Addon
  • In Plex settings enable X265
  • In Plex settings set remote quality to original
  • Set Plex addon to run at Kodi startup.

The only drawback is that it does not support HDR mode switching, which is why I am finally done with messing around with Plex on the Xbox and I'm now ordering an Nvidia Shield.


I will try the above on my Xbox One S upstairs in my bedroom and report back with my findings.

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