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iMac Late 2015 Bootcamp Brightness Issue

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limok    63



Just though I share this fix that I found with the iMac 17,1 and Windows 10 1909


On first boot brightness controls work both via keyboard and through control panel. However, I was having trouble adjusting the screen brightness after resuming from sleep. Went through normal checks - updating gpu drivers, checking for latest updates etc. Did a clean install and brightness control was working before and after sleep. I then disabled Hibernate (Which I normally do with all my Windows devices) and found that I lost the ability to control brightness - weird!


Anyway the fix for me was to re-enable hibernate (powercfg -h on) and got control back



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Matthew S.    1,235

I don't think this issue is exclusive to the iMac 17,1 as my work laptop, which is a lenovo, has this issue as well. And your post just reminded me I have a bootcamp partition on my iMac 17,1 doing absolutely nothing at the moment.

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