Change font type of menus, title bars, etc like older versions of windows


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Is there a way to change the font natively in Windows 10 for things such as the menus, icon captions, title bars, etc? This used to be possible in prior Windows but I can't find it anywhere in 10. I recall reading something a couple years ago such as using the high contrast settings and then tweaking the colors using a control panel file from prior windows version. That seems a bit extreme though. Is this something no one cares about anymore for it to be built in natively? Not a huge deal, but I have had things set the same way for so many years for the same way I haven't forgotten it.

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You can adjust font size by opening Settings, selecting System, and then Display and scrolling down until you reach the Scale and layout section.  From there you can adjust the font size for the Windows desktop.


To adjust colors, open Settings, select Personalization and then Colors and scroll down until you see the color picker.  There are also some options to apply other changes like to wallpaper and whether to use a light or dark mode there as well.


I do not think there is a color picking option like there was in older versions of Windows, although it may be available using third-party utilities.




Aryeh Goretsky


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14 hours ago, Microsoft BOB™ 10 said:

Try Winaero Tweaker.

This one looks promising. Not as straightforward as the old Control Panels, but I suppose it may have to do. Thank you for the suggestion! At least there is some way to get this sort of done : )

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