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Personal onedrive appears on work PC - how to remove this????



So when I open up a file explorer, only the organziation onedrive folder is listed on the left plane.


However, when I open an office product (word, excel etc) and try to save the document, both my organizational and my personal onedrive folders are listed! I don't know how this has happened. :(


I want to be able to prevent my work PC from having ay access to my personal onedrive folder (unless I use the online website). I already checked my personal onedrive account settings and bizarrely my work PC was listed as a device there so I've removed it. However my work PC still has access! I've also deleted cookies from all browsers but this hasn't helped. What should I do?

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I had a similar issue  but with my personal contact list appearing in my works email.


The issue was I had added my works email to my office on home PC via Microsoft exchange, as soon as I removed it from home PC the problem went away.


Maybe you have done something similar?

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