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Convert HTML Tags to DIV Tags


Lowell Klassen

Hi Guys,


I'm looking to convert the following an ACF Table that outputs <tr>. <td>, etc. tags, into div tags, so that it's responsive in my WordPress website.

Can anyone help me?



 <?php $table = get_field( 'table1' ); 
 if ( $table ) { 
     echo "<div style=\"text-align:center\">";
     echo '<table>'; 
         if ( $table['header'] ) { 
             echo '<thead><tr>'; 
                 echo ''; 
                     foreach ( $table['header'] as $th ) { 
                         echo '<th>'; 
                             echo $th['c']; 
                         echo '</th>'; 
                 echo '</tr>'; 
             echo '</thead>'; 

         echo '<tbody>'; 
             foreach ( $table['body'] as $tr ) { 
                 echo '<tr>'; 
                     foreach ( $tr as $td ) { 
                         echo '<td>'.$td['c'].'</td>'; 
                 echo '</tr>'; 
         echo '</tbody>'; 
     echo '</table>'; 
 } ?> 
<?php the_field( '' ); ?>

<!--CODE ENDS-->


If you could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


This is where it is now at the bottom of the page. I would like to center it too: https://www.schnellindustries.ca/lowell/conveyors/


- Lowell

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+Dick Montage

Are you referring to the MODELS table?


Apologies: This just popped up in the feed for some reason, even though posted back in March!

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