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Copy protecting a USB stick



Hi. Just joined. I found this site looking for information on protecting a USB stick contents. Apologies if this has been covered, but most answers seem quite old, so thought to try for an update. I wish to sell some content I have created. I am looking at USB stick delivery. The content is PDF files with hyperlinks to other documents and images. I have tried Kakasoft using their trial. But the conversion seems to disable all hyperlinks. I need the buyer to be able to link to other pages and be able to open the 3D PDF.  I don't want the buyer to be able to copy the drive in parts or whole.

I would prefer to create a download file that would come from an ecommerce website, but also don't see how that can be protected.


Any help is much appreciated.

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Brandon H

I don't think this is possible. If you can read the contents then you'll be able to copy them.


Even encrypting; once you enter the password you'd be able to copy the contents still.

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