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comparison: GitHub and Bitbucket: which offers private repos?



dear fellows, 



well i like to have private repos - which is a  a true top-feature



Both GitHub and Atlassian’s Bitbucket offer paying customers - but afaik only BitBucket offers an (unlimited) amount of private (!!) and public repositories. What distinguishes them isn’t their core hosting function. It’s how they affect our projects 


If we have a closer look at the most basic and fundamental difference between GitHub and Bitbucket, some say that: GitHub is focused around public code, and Bitbucket is for private. Basically, GitHub has a huge open-source community, and Bitbucket tends to have mostly enterprise and business users.


But some mentioned that we now also can have private repos at github too!?  Is this true!? 



i have had a quick view on the page here with the overview - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_source-code-hosting_facilities

but i was not able to find out what is true - doese Github offer private repos too!? 



regarding the feature-set i found out that: 


GitHub: GitHub has approx 100 third-party integrations available, many of which are GitHub-exclusive. 

For example, QuantifiedCode scans for issues in your code, notifies you of any problems, and automatically offers a fix for you to approve. GitHub’s integrations are all third-party. It even integrates with popular Atlassian apps, like JIRA. As a stand-alone product that relies solely on outside developers for extensions, GitHub doesn’t offer the unifying  compatibility of a product suite. 


Bitbucket; Bitbucket seamlessly integrates with other Atlassian software like JIRA, HipChat, and Bamboo and Trello  besides tht it has a distinct quantitative advantage over GitHub — the Atlassian Marketplace. Users can choose from nearly 2,300 apps — made by Atlassian, third-party developers, and individuals. 


Other features are:

Unlimited private repos: a true top-feature

bug tracking, issue tracking, service desks and project management. 

Pull requests and code reviews and of course Branch comparison and commit history

Bitbucket Mac and Windows client called SourceTree; Android app called BitBeaker -  a great thing!

Integration with tools like Jira, Crucible, Bamboo, Jenkins, HipChat and deep integration with Trello, 

Bitbucket lets you restrict access to a single branch. This aweseome feature helps you alot: it prevents nightmare situations such as an accidental master push,

Bitbucket Snippets allow you to create and manage multi-file snippets of all kinds.




An integrated issue tracker right within your project

Milestones and labels within projects and of course Branch comparison views

Native applications for Windows and Mac desktops, and also an Android app - a great thing!

Support for over 200 programming languages and data formats

Security such as use of SSL, SSH and/or https for all data transmission, and two-factor authentication for login

API integration for easy integration of 3rd-party tools, and integration with a large number of other tools and platforms. Some examples are Asana and Zendesk for issue/ bug tracking; CloudBees, Travis 



Well - the question is : does Bitbucket has the distinct qualitative advantage over GitHub  - to offer private repos? Or does Github also have these too - in these days? 


Love to hear from you 


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+Biscuits Brown

Since last year Github now offers unlimited private repos with up to three collaborators per repository. 

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hello dear +Zag L -


many many thanks for this answer - glad to hear that. This is a top-features which i was waiiting for many many months. 


have a great day. 



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