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asyncio web scraping: fetching multiple urls with aiohttp - doable?



hello dear all,


i am fairly new to bs4for that matter, but im trying to scrape a little chunk of information from a site:

but it keeps printing "None" as if the title, or any tag if i replace it, doesn't exists.


The project consits of two parts:


the looping-part: (which seems to be pretty straightforward). the parser-part: where i have some issues - see below. I'm trying to loop through an array of URLs and scrape the data below from a list of wordpress-plugins. See my loop below-



from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

import requests

#array of URLs to loop through, will be larger once I get the loop working correctly

plugins = ['https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-job-manager', 'https://wordpress.org/plugins/ninja-forms']



this can be done like so


ttt = page_soup.find("div", {"class":"plugin-meta"})
text_nodes = [node.text.strip() for node in ttt.ul.findChildren('li')[:-1:2]]


the Output of text_nodes:


['Version:', 'Active installations: 10,000+', 'Tested up to: 5.6 ']


but if we want to fetch the data of all the wordpress-plugins and subesquently sort them to show the -let us say - latest 50 updated plugins. This would be a intereting task


- first of all we need to fetch the urls

- then we fetch the iformation and have to sort out the _newest_


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