Possible to hide a hard drive but recreate as a folder elsewhere?

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Preferably in Windows 10 as although i'm in Windows 7 right now, once i find a workout for my other problem i'll be moving to 10.


So in Windows 10 you access ThisPC and it shows you all your drives. Your main OS drive and then any other drive that may be attached that you may use for storing documents, pics, vids, audio etc.


If you go in to disk management you can just remove the drive letter for that drive and it no longer shows in ThisPC.


However, is there a way where you can remove it from showing as a drive in ThisPC but relocate it elsewhere. Let's say you want it to show as a folder in say the Program Files folder or the C:>Windows folder. You title this folder "stuff" and when you click it, it's basically the drive, just it looks like a folder and it's relocated?


If so then how do you do that?

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