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On 30/01/2021 at 03:46, McCordRm said:

That was adorable! I got a book of Japanese mythology earlier this month, now I want to get one on Chinese mythology!


In my first post to this thread, I mentioned how sometimes Hollywood takes a short film and unnecessarily decides to make it longer. But I would be interested for the following short to be adapted and expanded upon:


Title: The Candidate

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 20:04

Description: David Karlak’s “The Candidate” explores what happens when the dark thoughts in the back of our minds are given a voice and worse — power.



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A similar setup to Coherence, one of my favourite sci-fi films, this one looks at relativity rather than multiverses:


Title: Flyby

Genre: Sci-Fi

Runtime: 13:22

Description: When a passing asteroid begins to affect how people perceive time, one man struggles to keep up.



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Title: System Error

Genre: Sci-Fi

Runtime: 13:12

Description: George wants a friend. Maybe if he just tweaks his code a bit...



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