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Got an idea for a new game .. need help on how to move forward with it


johnporter29    95

I'm a computer programmer by profession, been developing business applications using FoxPro (DOS - those was the days ;) ), Visual Basic and C# for a total of around 25 years, however I now have an idea for a game and would like to have a go at devloping it, just wondered if some here could point me in the right direction to get started.


I've searched the web a little and come across numerous game engines but I'm not sure which if any I should be using, what's the best language to use etc etc.


The game is simple, basically it's based round the Word Search puzzles,  and can be achieved in a 2d setup rather than 3d.


Any help or pointers would be gratefully received.


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Matthew S.    1,148
Posted (edited)

Instead of using a game engine I would look at using something like a framework such as SFML and use C++ as the language, there is no write or wrong answer though.


Theres also this thread below with more gamedev information



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