Mint Service Desk - anyone using it?


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Hi guys. I'm trying to install this thing and use it as a ticketing system, but I cannot, for the love of God, figure out why it won't work, even if all the installation steps are successful. So, does anyone uses this, or has experience installing it on CentOS / Ubuntu Server?



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What commands did you use to install it? And what exactly are you installing? Is it in the repository?

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Basically these instructions:

First it needs docker to be installed, then docker-compose and finally the mint service desk app, via a .sh script. I tried on a brand new virtual machine with Centos 8 and when I tried to open the frontend, I got a "bad gateway" error. Then I tried on a Ubuntu server vm, here it was a different problem, a continuous loop in the address bar and, of course, no login window. 


What's most frustrating is that I also followed the instructions in this video, exactly like that, and for me it won't work: 


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