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I hope everyone is coping with #LockDown... My personal lockdown experience has given me much more time to experiment with the Raspberry Pi's which I have and the other "smart tech" that I have accumulated and not really integrated. 


This weekend's project was centred around HomeBridge and more specifically, getting my refurbished Dyson Pure Cool & Link to work with HomeKit.  An article from MacStories started me down the project rathole but I eventually diverted to another HomeBridge plug-in which frankly made the set-up an absolute dream.


I now have full HomeKit integration with my new Dyson Pure Cool & Link fan.



Having done this, I also now I have my Nest Alarm integrated but I still haven't managed to get the TP-Link smart plugs to work...


What have you been up to in #LockDown?






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Gabriel Chan

I am also trying to use homebridge to integrate Dyson Pure Cool with HomeKit but to no avail. Is it possible to show me your configuration file? My config is below.


    "server": {
        "port": 80,
        "origin": "*",
        "autostart": 0,
        "home_setup_id": "X-HM://0023ISYWYBDKC",
        "polling_seconds": 5
    "client": {
        "default_route": "status",
        "inactive_logoff": 30,
        "theme": "hoobs-light",
        "locale": "en",
        "temp_units": "celsius",
        "country_code": "SG",
        "postal_code": "309306"
    "bridge": {
        "name": "HOOBS",
        "port": 51826,
        "pin": "031-45-154",
        "username": "D7:31:88:FA:F0:8C"
    "description": "",
    "ports": {
        "comment": "Evelyn",
        "start": 1,
        "end": 1000
    "accessories": [],
    "platforms": [
            "platform": "DysonPlatform",
            "plugin_map": {
                "plugin_name": "homebridge-dyson-link"

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