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Outlook Doesn't Show User Availability


Nick H.    10,689

Hi guys,


I've seen a couple of these cases now, and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed it. For information we are using Office 365.


You have two users, user A and user B. User A selects "create new meeting" and adds User B under the required section. He then clicks on the Scheduling Assistant to check for User B's availability, but it is crossed out as if it is not viewable. 


But if User A selects "create a new meeting," clicks on the Scheduling Assistant and adds User B under the attendees sections, the calendar shows up with the necessary availability information.


Also note that this is not a general issue. For example, the above may not happen if User B is creating the meeting for User A. He will see User A's availability regardless of if User A is added under the "required" field or the attendees field in the Scheduling Assistant. Also, if User A is adding User B and User C, it could be that he cannot see the information for User B but he does see the information for User C.


Since User A can see the information when User B is entered under the Scheduling Assistant, I don't think that it is a permissions issue. If that was the case then the information would not be viewable regardless of if User B was placed under the "required" part of the meeting or the "attendees" part of the Scheduling Assistant.


I have not been able to replicate the issue on Office.com, but I think more testing of that would be needed.


I hope I was able to explain that well enough, but let me know if something isn't clear and I'll try to elaborate. Has anyone else seen this? Anyone have any thoughts on what it could be?

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