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installing Beautiful Soup in Anaconda on Windows 10 and on Linux - How To do this!?



Hello dear Community,


 installing Beautiful Soup in Anaconda on Windows 10 and on Linux - How To do this!?


how to install Beautiful Soup in Anaconda on Windows 10 / and on Linux

in windows it should run like so: 

Run the following command from Command Prompt:


conda install -c anaconda beautifulsoup4

This is said to be the easiest way to install a python library in Anaconda.


btw is there a still exsiting problem of installing bs4 package: i have see some reports accordingly  see below: 


that said: bs4 is not a package that is available through "standard" channel. By that I mean I could not install it by issuing the command "conda instal bs4". Instead the package can be installed by issuing the command "python setup.py install". To be able to issue that command two things should be done.


cf:  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53694696/cannot-install-beautiful-soup-in-anaconda-python-3-6-4-windows-10




1) Make Python to run from the command line. If you have a few python environment then find out a path to python.exe of that envrieonment and add that path to the environmental variables: - To find out the path to python.exe open Anaconda prompt and choose an ppropriate environment (In my case, when I run Anaconda prompt I am in "base" environment and I can switch to my another environment "tensorflow" by issuing command "activate tensorflow") -One in the appropriate environment you issue the following commands: python (to run python); then import sys; then sys.executable => you will see the path to python.exe of the environment where you want to install bs4. So we know the path to python.exe.


Go to Control panel then System then Advanced Settings then Choose Enviromental variables then add the path to your python.exe to the "PATH" variable (to system "PATH" or User "PATH": I added to user


PATH so it works for a specific user)\



So after this steps python.exe should be running from a command prompt. To check that do the following: Run command prompt (cmd) and type python => python should run from any folder.



2) Download and unpack bs4. - One can download bs4 from here https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/download/.

Unpack it and from the location of the unpacked bs4 package run the command "python setup.py install" from the command prompt:

got to the floder with the unpacked bs4 and press "Sgift+Right-click" and choose "Open Command window/Open PowerShell window" (depending whether you have Windows 7/10). At the command prompt type "python setup.py install". You should see quick installation of bs4. (Note: setup.py is a file that comes with bs4 package and it should be in the directory where you saved unpacked bs4)

To check that you have bs4 package installed run command "conda list" from the Anaconda prompt of the environment where you wanted to install bs4. You should see beutifulsoup4 (if you installed bs4). Another way to see that everything is working is be able to impport BeutifulSoup class from bs4 when you issue the statement in your code "from bs4 import BeutifulSoup as bs".






so the question is: i want to headstart into Anaconda - and since i need BS4 - i need to know that i can install these package easily. Is this now possible?!


to sume up: how to install Beautiful Soup in Anaconda on Windows 10 / and on Linux

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