windows 10 "snap windows" tool will not turn on

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Surface Pro 4 M3

Windows 10 Pro

Version: 1909

OS build: 18363.815


boggle: snap windows function: upon switching virtual button from off to on, closing that window and reopening shows on/off button has switched back to off. restarts and updates have not resolved this issue. all sub options have been selected as activated/deactivated in every combination - windows snap on off returns to off.

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      Since installing the 20h2 (or maybe slightly before, however it's roughly when this started) I've noticed that if intermittently the system hangs after posting but before starting to boot. This seems to happen if the system has been running for a long time (say 5 hours or so) between restarts. I disabled my bios logo to see if this was an issue with the bios or after the bios has handed control to windows. And the hanging occurs after the windows boot logo shows, but before the spinning circle appears, which spins round once or twice and the I can login as normal.
      I've tried changing a few things (such as disabling legacy csm) and it hasn't seemed to of helped. There are no obvious error messages showing in the reliability centre or event logs. 
      What's the next to resolving this? Is anyone else having this issue too?
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