setting up php: on a win 10 box: issues - cannot add the environment-variables to the system

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hello dear experts good day dear Community,  


the topic today: setting up php: on a win 10 box: issues - cannot add the environment-variables to the system 

during the setup of PHP on a  Win-10 i run into issues - cannot add the environment variables to the system 

although: i should have the admin rights. 


but i cannot do the settings.. 


cf . Installing PHP 7 and Composer on Windows 10, Natively | Jeff Geerling


	Add C:\PHP7 to your Windows system path: Open the System Control Panel. Click 'Advanced System Settings'. Click the 'Environment Variables...' button. Click on the Path row under 'System variables', and click 'Edit...' Click 'New' and add the row C:\PHP7. Click OK, then OK, then OK, and close out of the System Control Panel. Open PowerShell or another terminal emulator (I generally prefer cmder), and type in php -v to verify PHP is working.



do you have any Workaround!?

ps - on Linux this would be no problem at all.. 



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hi there - good day dear Riva


unfortunatly not - i guess that i miss some permits - i have to digg  deeper and clear up all that things 


i come back and report! 


meanwhile have a great day. - and again: many any thanks for the reply. I am so glad to be part of this great community. 


yours tarifa

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+Dick Montage

I have to ask, as a general question, not just pertaining to this thread...




How are you having so many issues with relatively simple tasks? Setting up Wordpress, installing and configuring PHP?


Almost daily you’ve another issue and another issue and another issue. It’s like you are using deliberately cripples OS’s or something because for years now these have been ridiculously easy tasks.  And yet some of your other questions seem to be digging into deeper areas, the sort of things that if you have any grasp on, then you’d have installed PHP in your sleep.


Not an attack, just genuine confusion. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get it...

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