Windows 10 May 2020 Update Start search 'misspelling detection' and 'related results' not new ! Already in Windows 8.1 !

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Commentators and journalists list the Start menu search features of Windows 10 version 2004 ( abilities to detect misspellings and to show related results ... ) as being new ...


The spell checker technology for Windows Search now intelligently understands and corrects small typos for search queries, such as “powerpiont” and “exce;” which previously would return no results.


In addition, the search experience is also receiving an update to show related results when searching settings that don’t match the query. For example, if you type “free space” the best match will include “Turn on storage sense” with a “Related: free up” label to help understand the result.







... This is not new ! Smart Search was already available in 2014 with Windows 8.1 !




In the interest of fairness and transparency, Windows 8.1 does not show PowerPoint app when typing 'powerpiont' --- unlike Windows 10 --- unless one also types 'Microsoft' ( or even 'mcrsft' ); however, it still displays results for 'Exce;' regardless.





Most important ... Windows 10 does not display results that Windows 8.1 does ... and in manners that are most egregious. 'Frsh pant' shows the app and Web results in Windows 8.1 --- not so in Windows 10 where the app is not shown despite the Web results being intelligent enough to understand that, yes, the app is that for which I am searching !




The same thing happens with the calculator ... 'clcultr' shows results for the app and suggestions from the Web in Windows 8.1 ... while Windows 10 shows a Bing calculator instead of the native Windows app !!!




... Similarly ... 'wther' shows the Weather app in Windows 8.1 ... but not in Windows 10 even though the Web results are intelligent enough to understand the mistake here.




... Windows 8.1 is better at detecting other misspellings and at providing natural language options. Windows 8.1 was at least six years ahead of its time.

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If you disable web search Windows 10 will show you the Calculator app upon typing clc while wther returns nothing.

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