(REQUEST) How to get taskbar icons count?

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Hi, I am a Windows XP/Vista Fan and I made my computer look like Windows Vista. But there is one more thing that would make it more interesting: taskbar icons count. My Taskbar:


Edited taskbar:



So if it is possible to allow taskbar count, can anyone tell me how to do this?

P.S. It is in SimSun font because I am running a Traditional Chinese version of Windows. It is English keyboard selected because I have both Chinese and English installed.


Thank you,




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Greg Zeng

So long since this was posted.

Windows 10 now.  Locate "taskbar" on the Drive C, where it usually is.  Count the icons, for shortcuts which are not hidden, not systems.

Whenever I create new Windows Boot partitions, we have our preferred icons.  I just transfer these from my archived area, to the new boot user.

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