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Enable vlan cheaply.



Hi guys. First I need to explain that we have an 500 MB internet connection and the router is tp-link archer ax6000, everything is working fine with no issuses.


The idea is that there is a live streaming video is happening sometimes and since the internet is used by many people. I am thinking of restricting the bandwidth by doing something like a 2 vlan networks (one for streaming and the other for internet usage) which importantly, giving the streaming network the required bandwidth for a smooth streaming. 


So, the question here, how can I do this cheaply and effectively?


Please advice me and thank you.



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Steven P.

On my cheap D-LAN managed switch I can set the Input/Output max bandwidth per port, is this not possible with your tp-link archer ax6000?




Edit: It also has VLAN management, I think I paid like €25 for it lol (€35 for the 8-port version downstairs), cheap as chips.



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There should be no reason for you to do this... 500mbps is enough to stream many multiple streams at the same time - multiple!!


Unless you have someone doing p2p while your trying to stream and misconfigured to boot, there is zero point to what your trying to do.. And while your AX6000 router was prob $300 it can't do simple vlans that any $40 switch can do..  along with rate limiting ports.


Setup your "qos" to allow for streaming to be of higher priority than other traffic if your concerned.


Also keep in mind that even that monstrosity could do vlans.. If they traffic is on the same band (radio) you can't give more bandwidth to 1 vlan over another on wireless.  What you can do is airtime fairness, that prevents client from sucking up all the bandwidth.




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