Microsoft shared a registry edit that lets Windows 10 users block feature updates

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Microsoft recently removed the option to defer Windows 10 updates from Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education. However, it also shared information about a new Windows policy called "TargetReleaseVersionInfo". You can go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate" and create a DWORD (32-bit) called "TargetReleaseVersion". Create a new string called "TargetReleaseVersionInfo". Set the "TargetReleaseVersion" DWORD value to "1" and set "TargetReleaseVersionInfo" to the version of Windows you plan to stay on like 1909 or 1903.

This will stop Windows from downloading Windows updates.


More information:

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I really do not get this.. Why would you not want to be "current"... I could de deferring it there is some bug related to your hardware that causing you issues... But you should strive to always be on the current version.. Security, Features.. 


If we didn't update we would still all just being using dos 1..

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54 minutes ago, BudMan said:

I really do not get this.. Why would you not want to be "current"... I could de deferring it there is some bug related to your hardware that causing you issues... But you should strive to always be on the current version.. Security, Features.. 


If we didn't update we would still all just being using dos 1..

Well, let's see.


Microsoft first removed the split keyboard, then a year later, added back a split keyboard that is much worse that the one it removed.

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57 minutes ago, BudMan said:

I really do not get this.. Why would you not want to be "current"... I could de deferring it there is some bug related to your hardware that causing you issues... But you should strive to always be on the current version.. Security, Features.. 


If we didn't update we would still all just being using dos 1..

Hacked versions of windows are broken by updates. 

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