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MuPDF :: pagination of the output is messed up: no linearity : 1235476



dear Community, 


MuPDF :: pagination of the output is messed up: no linearity : 1235476



i ve got issues with Mutool and MuP

running this on MX-Linux: I'm trying to work with the latest release  of MuPDF library.  if i a the document into pieces (A 5) then i get fancy results: the number of the pages (the pagination) does fulle get lost.. 

1,4,3,2,5, and so forth


btw: see the commands i run: 


    mutool poster -x 2 input.pdf output.pdf 


states that the document should be divided into two parts in the X axis. The cutting axis is accordingly in the middle from top to bottom, so that two equal sides are created on the left and right.

You can split a document into individual pages with pdftk


pdftk input.pdf burst

we can find the output files in the same directory as pg_0001.pdf, pg_0002.pdf etc

what goes wrong here!?

see the datset - https://www.file-upload.net/download-14207207/__0_100__20200413204027.pdf.html

what is wanted: i want to cut this into A5 :: note: the A5-Formate is 148 mm width and 210 mm height


i use the commands from these ressources: 

any ideas? 

look forward to hear from you 

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