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Simple 1 product shopping site


+Dick Montage

Hey, this is gonna take some explaining...


I run a residents association.  Part of that is that I organise the window cleaning for residents who want it.  Currently I do this via a Google Docs form, and then people give me cash.  Problems with this include:

  • People complete the form and then "forget" to pay me - hence they don't get their windows cleaned.
  • People pay me but neglect to complete the form - hence they don't get their windows cleaned and I then have to pay them back.
  • I have to go through all the form responses and tally the payments to the responses.


I was thinking of moving this into some sort of online system using a shopping cart style experience:

  • User selects the single item from the store (3 "sizes" of item available at 3 prices - necessary to represent the 3 different window cleaning options).
  • The item is placed into a basket.
  • The checkout page asks a couple of necessary questions:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
  • User pays for the item (Paypal preferably)
  • I can go into whatever system and pull off the list


This seems (IMHO) to resolve the above issues.  I'm an experienced developer with over 25 years experience - but I see no value in reinventing the wheel.  Are there any free ecommerce platforms that would fulfil the above?  Out site is SSL protected and so on - so I've no worries there.  I'd rather use Paypal than actual credit card payments.  Also, if I could pass some details into the store then all the better (eg: Link from the main site includes their property reference, then that's handy but not essential).


Thank you

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+Dick Montage

Hi, following up on this.  Based upon the main site being a Wordpress site, I went with WooCommerce.  Magento looks great but absolutely in every way more than I need.



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