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IFTTT alternatives?



With IFTTT now going from free to premium (set your own price for a year, then pay $9.99 a month after that 😧) I find myself a bit stuck with half my house set up to trigger based on IFTTT actions. With the 'new' free plan IFTTT say they'll allow three actions, if you want more you have to pay, and I currently have about 30 😂).


I have my energy provider (Octopus Energy in the UK), Ring doorbell, some Meross sockets, some Belkin WeMo sockets, Philips Hue bulbs all set up to trigger under different circumstances (turn off some sockets when energy price peaks, blink a light when doorbell rings, turn lights on at sunset, off at dawn, alert me on Telegram for certain stuff I'm tracking on the web etc).


I tried Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi about a year ago, and it seemed to be well-supporting of some of my IoT devices and then others I couldn't make work at all or could but only with a significant amount of effort and the whole thing seemed a bit hit and miss. Is it worth trying again, or does anyone have any other suggestions I should try? I'm open to either self-hosted or web-based.

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