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Mass Effect Andromeda memory breaker?





I got a weird issue.


when I first bought my setup, 3 years ago;


AMD Ryzen 1800x

(then) Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3000mhz

256GB Intel SSD (windows)
2x (raid0) 500GB Samsung Evo

GTX 1070 8gb MSI

850W Coolermaster


anyway, when I first got that setup I figured I could run Mass Effect Andromeda with ease... and I had some problems with stutters and crashes, after a while it did a few bsod's even.

People told me the ram would be broken, was so weird, I figured not to play andromeda anymore.


Got new ram Crucial Ballistix 3200MHZ 16gb

2 years later (or more like, a few months ago) I figured I could start up andromeda again, worked fine for a day or so., but after that I got crashes again.

got worse, and yes, blue screens again.


I RMA'd the memory, but the company says nothing is wrong with it, even though my pc works unstable with the sticks now.


I bought some cheap G.Skill ram (3000MHZ 16gb) and pc is stable again. No crashes.


Is that game a memory breaker? or am I doing something wrong?

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I played it fine on a 1070 with a 16GB machine so I don't know why it would be having problems on a stable box.

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