Headless alternatives to RDP (outside of local network)

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Curious what you all would recommend in terms of Remote Desktop software for a headless unit while I am away from the house. Generally this is just in emergency situations where I need to remote in and see why xyz is no longer running and keeping my home media server up and running. I really like how easy and seamless RDP is, it just works and all of my devices are Windows so it is built-in; however, knowing the security concerns and advice given to me many moons ago was to never open RDP to the internet. So here I am.


My requirements would be:

Works with headless unit without having to purchase a dummy adapter

Free or Open Source



What I have tested:

Anydesk - doesnt work with headless unit unless I purchase a dummy adapter

TeamView - Performance was lack luster, even for basic remote tasks. I also kept receiving nagging warnings.



I am thinking the easiest solution for myself will be to setup a VPN on my home network so that when I need to remote in I can, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had some ideas.



Mods, I wasn't sure if here or Software was better, feel free to move if necessary.

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On 28/09/2020 at 14:10, Circaflex said:

I am thinking the easiest solution for myself will be to setup a VPN on my home networ

That is the best solution.. I would never open up any direct remote access type of software to any machine in my network.. VPN to your network and then access whatever you would with just the tool you would use while your on your lan directly,

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