Elite Series 2 controller has unresponsive buttons after 10 months

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Hey all...


Looking for some advice on how to proceed here, if there is even a way to proceed.


I got an Elite Series 2 controller for Christmas 2019.  It is 10 months old and worked fine for 9+ months.  Now the Y and A buttons are not responsive. They work when pressed deliberately hard, but not normally or in the 'heat the moment'.


The warranty is 90 days (for a 230$CAD controller). I did not purchase extended warranty.


Microsoft wants 140$ to fix the controller.


This is also a known issue with the Elite Series 2.


Does this make sense? If this is a premium product, why is MS being so stingy?  


I have chatted with Microsoft, bringing up Quebec's consumer protection law, which was dismissed by them (I'm in Quebec).  The only recourse is to sue Microsoft in small claims court!  Obviously I'm not going to do that.  MS does not care that I now have an Elite Series 2 controller paperweight that is only 10 months old, and that is very disappointing. 


Any advice about what I could do next?  



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