Time for a new router - wireless device migration

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After many years of hard work my Netgear D6300 seems on it's last legs back when I purchase it I think my only wireless access was from phone, tablet & Xbox, now I have about 2 dozen devices I'm a bit concerned on the best way to migrate all of them? Would the quickest way be to connect the new router to the existing one so I can setup new SSID's then switch network in use through various phone apps? Since I'll likely be picking up another Netgear do they offer any utility to assist?

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My process has been I plug a laptop into the new router, completely set it up and set the SSID to the same as the old.  I then shut the old one off, pull the WAN connection and reconnect to the new device (if you have any other hard wired devices, you need to move them over of course).  I do a restart on the device and that's it. I always do these things on a Saturday morning (usually about 05:30) before anyone is awake so the minimal downtime has no impact. Assuming you don't change the wifi password, the downtime is usually limited to the amount of time it takes to reboot the device. Note, I'd never do this wirelessly. I always do configuration hardwired. 

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56 minutes ago, Biscuits Brown said:

completely set it up and set the SSID to the same as the old.

I considered that but thought some form of underlying security would prevent simply the same ID and password from taking over. Seems almost to easy now!

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when I change WiFi routers I generally set the same SSID's and password's on the new router; that way it's a seamless transition and all my devices switch right over to it without having to reconnect every one.


as long as the same security level is selected for the wifi password then it's seamless. most wifi devices just look for the SSID and aren't tied to a MAC address or anything. This is why mesh networks work so well for large buildings for example; same concept. :)

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