Helstrom (Hulu)

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Nice heads up, I don't keep track of Hulu shows, this is something to keep a look out for.

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I just finished ep5, I like what I see so far.  I'm going to take a little break so I don't rush through the rest.  I'm also behind on a number of other shows to, so I might jump to something else for a little bit.

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Well I finished it not too long ago, very interested to see where this goes into season 2.  I hope they up the demonic fights/powers going forward.

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4 hours ago, McCordRm said:

Can't believe they canceled this. I was enjoying it.

Disney being dumb again. It was killed simply because it was a marvel IP. They want all of those to be on disney+ and no where else. 


You'll never see a show this dark and bloody from the Marvel group on Disney + either, so I don't have any hopes of it maybe coming back. 

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