Is it me or are recaptcha suddenly appearing everywhere?

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Steven P.

PayPal is already the worst at this, being logged in and making payments to mostly the same people every month (our news reporters) and then being asked to prove if I am human randomly between payments. But now I am starting to see recaptcha with select all squares with a bicycle/traffic lights/hills etc on a lot of sites that I frequent, even like my local supermarket website for online ordering, it is damn frustrating and annoying.


I feel like I am being forced to involuntary participate in their AI testing.


I do use a VPN and sometimes use private mode in browsers because some extensions block websites from operating properly even when I disable the extension(s) like popup blockers or HTML5 autoplaying video content blockers, but I've had these extensions and use of VPN for years without constantly being asked to prove if I am human. In fact I do remember having to use just the checkbox a lot, but now it's all "select the squares"


At this point it is just a huge annoyance.


I use Chrome mainly but I have also determined if I close Chrome and open Firefox to the same website I get  a recaptcha block too, so it doesn't appear to be browser specific.

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Nick H.



I think recently I've only seen Captchas when I've been connected to the VPN. "Unusual traffic from your IP address" or something.

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Steven P.
10 minutes ago, MS Bob 10 said:

I use this when I am too annoyed to solve reCAPTCHA: Unfortunately, there's an even worse, more evil hCAPTCHA that some sites use that has no solver.

I have that installed, but when I click on the buster icon I always get a "type the sound you hear" which, to me, defeats the object of it?

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