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What's your favourite Bible software-package and why do you use it?



dear Community, 


What's your favourite Bible software-package and why do you use it?


I've tried bibleworks but i did not have tried others. 


using Bibleworks has completely transformed my bible study & prayer lives.  I thank God for making this possible -  using the bible (and having set the laws and all the correspoding things ) things that allows technology such as this is just great! 

And now I'm learning more and more.  the optins are pretty great: The Corresponding Notes & Highlights that offers bibleworks is just great: so that's really nice.


but - there are more programs out there - i have heard about many others  - but did not try any of them. here below a little collection of programs i have heard of: 

i heard lots of others  such as the following: 

Logos, without a doubt, a program that offers allmost the most functionality and has the most available resources out there. However, it is incredibly bloated and resource-intensive - and i heard that it is pretty expensive. 
Well-  it is told that they do have a number of free resources as well, but the things that I want and use are not among those. I'm not working on detailed exegeses or writing sermons or working with the original languages in an in-depth fashion.

I liked bibleworks but this project stopped years ago - i do not know why, Still, it's a powerful program with excellent support for Greek and Hebrew, and with a large number of available resources.


e-sword: i have seen e-sword out there _ but i do not know it very well. ... and we ve got another program:


verbum: it is a program with  multiple translations, multiple commentaries, and yes with multiple Greek lexicons/interlinears: this is pretty interesting: 


Olive Tree  is is told to be independence from the internet. it offers lots of different Bibles and sufficient search capacity for  the general user: 

Olive Tree - the program itself is free and is told to be easy to use.

pro: Packages are pretty small and also cheap, 

con: complex lexical searches like Logos are not offered  but - this might be okay for me.

The sword: a great package  that is free and pretty good as far as I have heard. Some of my friends use this:  it has got  many many of free bibles and modules.  It should work like a charm  even on linux (which is /(i mentioned it above) a must for me).


Yes: - above all _ i want to have a program that runs on Linux - so this makes it hard for me - to find a appopiate one. Which one to take!`?


question: What's your favourite Bible software-package and why do you use it?


look forward to hear from you 



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