problems with telephone calling on ios14


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Hi experts,

I have an iphone 11 and am having problems with making calls after updating to ios 14. The calls do not flash on my screen, and when I click on the side button, the call hangs up. I did not have this problem before updating the OS. I have no issues with other messaging apps, and have taken to using FB messenger to make voice calls, as it works much better then the telephone. I know other people have had this problem - is there an easy solution? The phone works well otherwise and I don't have display issues, just when I am on a phone call. I don't ever remember the side button hanging up calls on my other iphones, especially not on the iphone 11 where I need to lock it before putting it in my pocket on a call so I don't accidentally butt dial someone else.

I sort of expect that this will be magically fixed in an update, but very frustrating to update and suddenly have a key function of the iphone - the actual phone bit! - suddenly not work as it used to.

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Brandon H

I have an iPhone XR that I recently updated to iOS 14 as well and have not experienced those issues. The update may not have installed correctly for you so I'd highly recommend a backup and restore be done on the device to see if that helps correct it.

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