Best way to charge and keep your iPhone (12 Pro Max) battery in optimal condition??


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This topic probably came across many times before, but many people ( including myself) are still confused as to what is the best way to charge your battery and keep it in healthy condition for as long as possible.

In the table below I'm going to share my findings with you (I have a 12 Pro Max since 1 week now)

• Keep in mind I try and let my battery NOT drop below 20%, so I always plug in my iPhone when the battery hits 20% (or slightly above)


• I ALWAYS use original cable charging, so no wireless-charging, MagSafe or anything else


[ Default 5W charging ]                  [ 10W charging ]

33% charged after 30min                        47% charged after 30min 
47% charged after 1h                             75% charged after 1h
60% charged after 1h 30min                   91% charged after 1h 30min 
73% charged after 2h                             97% charged after 2h
85% charged after 2h 30min 
95% charged after 3h
97% charged after 3h 30min
-------                                                   -------


Time needed to reach 80%:   2h 15min    Time needed to reach 80%:   1h 15min
Time needed to reach 100%: 3h 30min    Time needed to reach 100%: 2h


Now I always read contradictory stories;

- Many people say it's best to keep your battery between 20%-80%, where some say it doesn't matter.

- Others say (for health sake, NOT talking about the time it takes) it's best to use a charger with as low voltage as possible...



Now I would like to hear from you, what's YOUR opinion about battery charging, and keeping its health in optimal condition?
Is it best to stay between 20%-80%, and to use low voltage charging or something else?

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  • Genesis1982 changed the title to Best way to charge and keep your iPhone (12 Pro Max) battery in optimal condition??
Nick H.

I think the question can apply to any phone since they use the same type of battery.


With my Samsung I just plug it in to my laptop at night regardless of the battery level. It might not be the best way to maintain it, but in all my years of having a phone I don't think there has come a point where the battery life has become an issue. I've always had a new phone before it becomes a problem.

If I'm in a situation where my laptop isn't a reasonable option - for example, the laptop is running off its own battery - I plug the phone in to a wall or a charging pack when it gets to about 30%.

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