Christmas Family Quiz

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I host a regular quiz every Thursday evening - been doing so for 15 years, usually in-person but thanks to the pandemic we decided to move it online.  It's taught me so much, how to use OBS, how to light properly, ways to use Zoom and so on. It's pretty raucus, very much a case of banter and questions rather than anything overly serious - it can get a bit daft and borderline rude at times, but we have fun.


With us now being in the run-up to a somewhat awkward Christmas, I also hosted a more family-centric Christmas quiz this weekend.


The rounds included:


  • Round 1 – Name the movie
  • Round 2 – Name the original artist
  • Round 3 – Music
  • Round 4 – Name the artist & title
  • Round 5 – Name the advert
  • Round 6 – Food & Drink
  • Round 7 – What’s the missing word
  • Round 8 – Music
  • Round 9 – Name the celebrity
  • Round 10 – Name the artists mixed in
  • Round 11 – Television
  • Round 12 – Name the artist & title


Should you want to do something similar with your family, friends or colleagues – feel free to download this and use as you see fit.  It's just a way I can do something for people to keep them from focusing on what's maybe getting them down.


Merry Christmas and please take care of those you love, and at least show human decency to those you don't.


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