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doing the Import of data into g-calendar



good day dear friends


i wish you a happy new year!



i want to do a import of data from calc via Google-API to google-Calendar!?


see the differnt formats - in calc- and in a printed sheme.... or in other  words - ready to print. 


question how to arrange to port to the google-calendar!?

















what is aimed: 

well i need a import of data into google-calendar via the API

- an automation that is triggered by my calc shee and sends data to the Google Calendar, sending each one item i add to Excel and adding a new row to any spreadsheet we want with ...

- Sync Google Calendar and a Calc or Excel sheet
- Integrate Google Calendar and Libreoffice Calc or Microsoft Excel the way i want and need.
well i need to create new rows in spreadsheets automatically. 

question: how to connect Google Calendar and Libreoffice Calc or MS Excel!?.

btw - see the above mentioned and attached data - to see which data i need to import



i look forward to hear from you

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7 hours ago, tarifa said:

i look forward to hear from you

<Moved to Programming>

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Tried putting "Google Calendar API" into Google?  Just to try looking something up for yourself? Something that will tell you how to put something on your calendar?



Seems to be an extension of your 'bible software' question you've posted. Weird that you can't just use an already existing extension or app to get a bible verse every day, or that you can't or won't look up how to work with google cal.

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