how to add multiple events to g-calendar automatically - for a whole year..

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hello dear community, 


first of all : i hope that youre well and all goes well !

one question regarding calendar: 



- i want to add multiple events to each day. 

i have a large table with 365 quotes - for one day one row... see below: 


well i want to add these data to the g calendar - and i want to add the texts of the three colums to each day.  that means:


add the red text to an event 

add the blue text to an event 

add the black text to an event  


and each day contains all the three texts - that means a 



greek .. 




see below the example - what is wanted : having a dataset with a automated publication of events 

like we can see on january 19th ,  20th and 21th 





the question is: how to achive that!? with automated process



i only have managed to do this manually 


if i t ry to do this automatically - then it looks like the januare 18th 


look forward to hear from you 







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Did you bother reading the Google Calendar API guide? y'know, from your other thread asking the same question?


Or do you just want someone to write this for you? Theres even a python quickstart guide for Google Calendar (look it up yourself) and since you've been using python for a LOT of years now you should be able to write some simple code. Especially since you've been working on this for 2 yrs. now:


Haven't you been able to do ANYTHING in 2 years? Google hasn't hidden the api guide from you. Have you actually done anything yet?

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