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I am highly annoyed!


I took a break from console gaming for a few years. Last system was a 360. The majority of my games were XBL arcade games. Recently, I was given a hand me down XBONE so I figured I'd use it to download/play all of those games. To my surprise, a significant portion of my digital purchases have disappeared from my XBL/MS Account. I don't remember them all but the ones that hurt the most are MVC2, Afterburner Climax, Crazy Taxi and Outrun Coast2Coast online edition. All of these are condemned to licensing hell and cannot be repurchased. 


XBL support is beyond frustrating. Forced chat with "Community" help. Cookie cutter answers..etc. When I was finally connected to a real support person, they basically looked at my account and said "I don't see them in your purchase history". He left the ticket open and said they'd look into it, but I'm not holding my breath. Somehow my purchase history has been corrupted. Since I didn't keep any emails related to the purchases, I'm hosed. Always used the same account.



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I realise you posted this a few months ago now, however i've just noticed your post when browsing through the Xbox forums.


The problem you have is most of the games you listed are not actually backwards compatible on the Xbox One sadly, so won't show as something you can download. I suspect if you ever got another Xbox 360 you would find them available to download in your download history, despite the games been long since delisted from the store.


If I had to guess Xbox support probably can't see that you have purchased something that is no longer on the store and not backwards compatible.



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George P

This is interesting, and probably a case of them not being BC on the XB1, if you still had a 360 it would be interesting to see if they showed up there in your library/history.


This whole thing just makes me love something like game pass more personally.   I'm fine with the idea of renting games because I'm one of the gamers out there who finish a game and almost never go back to play it over.  For me it's about the story then the gameplay.  Once I have the whole story, specially for something like a RPG, I don't feel the drive to go back and redo it over.    I don't know if I'm the minority or not but either way I'm always looking for the next thing to play, be it a sequel or some other game.  

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