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Is it possible to plug a switch into the receiving WAP in mesh/bridge mode and provide connectivity/DHCP as normal? Reason being new neighbours moved in and cannot get fibre/broadband installed for around a month or more and are struggling to WFH via mobile tethering. They would be willing to purchase a couple of WAPs and I could put them on their own VLAN from my Draytek router until they get their connection installed. I wanted to check if such a setup is possible before any purchases are made. I thought about running CAT5 since it's only ~10 yards but it would be in the way of our driveways plus would need to drill holes.


Also open to any suggestions on a way to achieve some temporary connectivity for them.

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I would go with something like this



Should be doable on home budget.. And should prob be able to get them to work from inside each house so you don't have to drill any wires..


They have them here for $166



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