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Purchased in June 2020 a TP LInk AX3000 WIfi 6 Pcie card,   Fast forward til now and yesterday the speed kept dropping alot on Comcast XB7 Gateway,  when it was fine before day before yesterday and early today


Comcast eventually set the Gateway to 802.11 N/AC mode for 5Ghz, and For 2.4ghz, set that for G/N Only,   Will it in the future switch back to allowing Wifi 6 to use the full speed of the 2 wifi 6 capable devices?


Still gonna run flat ethernet cable for the Gaming Desktop, but just curious why it would suddenly act up, when it worked fine for a long time


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If either you or Comcast perform a factory reset on the device, I would assume it would switch back to all its default settings, including the wireless speeds.




Aryeh Goretsky


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