Mac OS Desktops Thread: 2Q 2021

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Welcome to the Mac OS 2021 Desktops thread!


Mac OS X Desktops are split into 4 threads over the course of a year to reduce clutter.
1Q - January through March.
2Q - April through June.
3Q - July through September.
4Q - October through December.

Posting Guidelines
- Embedded images should be smaller than or equal to 1440x900 (preferably 1024x768).
- The file size for image previews should be no larger than 750 KB.
- Images linked externally should be no larger than 3 MB.

- If you plan to img-embed your desktop, please try to keep it under 100k (It's recommended that you link it, externally).
- Stay within the board rules, no matter how yummy you may believe it to be.
- If you are going to quote, there isn't a need to quote an img-embeded picture - Just don't do it. Please just reference the post by page number/page link/etc.
- The desktops thread is not to be used as a means to post images of a pornographic or otherwise provocative nature. We do not support a babes forum and neither will we in an unofficial capacity. Please help to keep the thread relevant and safe to browse for everyone.
- The moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or remove your posts as necessary so they may comply with our Community Rules and so that the thread remains on topic.

In the interests of keeping the thread on topic it is strongly urged that you format your posts in the following order:
- Themes: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).
- Wallpaper: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).
- Icons: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).
- Programs: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

For finding mystery wallpapers, consider using Google Images Reverse Search or Tineye.
Please use reduced-size thumbnails, where possible, out of respect for people running on lower bandwidth or screen resolutions.
Any image posted that is over established guidelines will be removed! Use a thumbnail or use a text link to your image. If your image is removed, this is why.

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I have not uploaded a screenshot here for some time. This is a repost of what I uploaded to MacRumors Forums..

My humble contribution to this thread this early April


Wallpaper is my color mod of SPLINES_1 available from here (name a fair price)


Bowtie theme is one of my older ones that I thought needed a showcase for this - because it fits well. I don't think it's released in this appearance anywhere yet.

And I doubt anyone uses much of Bowtie anyway anymore.


Icons are my own - still in progress - drive is re-made earlier today with better lower pixel recognition for that 16px and 32px icon states.


The system icons are made possible to change, even with SIP still active, by using IconChamp. It's in beta and available on the macEnhance Discord server at least.

The pinned messages for the IconChamp channel contains useful information to allow testing and change the system icons; including all the Home folders and System applications.


IconChamp screenshot is included as a thumbnail - showing the Home folder section


Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 20.10.56.png

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