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Starting into the podcast trend for my business. Missing how to have a remote guest



Newbie here! So I'm jumping into trendwagon in creating a podcast (actually did have the idea more than 2 years ago, but Covid....).

I got the recording software named Audacity. Haven't done an actual podcast, just recorded my voice and saved it to a mp3

Also created my account at podbean.com. Turns out the free version doesn't allow me to upload to Spotify, which is my target. Will have to pay $10 US monthly just so I'm able to upload to Spotify.

I don't plan to have a million podcast (YET!). So if there's a free alternative so I can upload to Spotify would be great. I'm thinking 15-20min long episodes and maybe biweekly or weekly.

But my biggest issue is I want to have guests, how the hell do I record them if they are remote? Do they actually need to have the same software and pay up?
Any other recommendations for guests?  Never done a podcast much less have a guest of any sort.

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It has been several years since I did any podcasting, but when I did, I would call into the podcast via Skype and the host recorded it using a third-party utility that saved the Skype call as a .WAV or .MP3 file.  They would also do some editing to stitch the podcast together (remove pops, stitch takes together, etc.) using Adobe Audition.  I suspect, though, that Audacity will be more be more than capable of doing the same these days.




Aryeh Goretsky


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