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UXTheme Multi-Patchers

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RadishTM    310

The UXTheme Multi-Patcher v4.0 has been created for Neowin by WindowsX and Vorte[x].

It patches the UXTheme.dll for Windows XP/SP1/SP2 Beta/RTM and 2003 and allows you to use un-signed custom visual styles.

To simply patch the UXTheme.dll file, run the program, it will determine your operating system, then patch the appropriate file and reboot your PC.

To un-patch the UXTheme.dll file, run the program again, and it will un-patch the .dll and then reboot your PC.

Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v4.0

Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v4.0


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dreamz    4

sometimes the multi-patcher will not work and you will have to patch it manually. the best way to do this is to grab the appropriate uxtheme file from here: http://www.withinwindows.com/uxtheme-patches/

and download a copy of replacer: http://www3.telus.net/_/replacer/

extract the contents of replacer to an empty folder. run replacer.cmd and drag in the original uxtheme.dll, then drag in the modified uxtheme.dll that you downloaded, and let it replace the file. reboot when prompted.

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