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Laurentiu A.
Posted (edited)

Hello Neowinians.


I have one question for all of you...


What is this ugly, beta, squared, badly pixelated THING on my taskbar?

It says News and interests and yes, I know its a new feature from Microsoft.




How can a billion dollar company, with thousands of employees and rich history in software, design this?

The sun icon looks very bad, the text that displays the weather is blurry and the app itself is sluggish. 

How can they release something like this worldwide, without shame?


I am serious...




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Nick H.
1 minute ago, Laurentiu A. said:

Hello Neowinians.

<Moved to Windows Support>


I believe there is an option to remove the News and Interests from your taskbar by right-clicking on it (or anywhere on the taskbar).


I can't comment on it myself because I haven't got it yet.

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Laurentiu A.
Just now, Nick H. said:

<Moved to Windows Support>


I believe there is an option to remove the News and Interests from your taskbar by right-clicking on it (or anywhere on the taskbar).


I can't comment on it myself because I haven't got it yet.

Yeah, on taskbar options. What I mean is.. its absolutely awful. Do they call the right part of the windows 10 taskbar - The Windows 95 Corner ?

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