Onkyo HT-R494 Audio stops working once a year


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I bought this set https://eu.onkyo.com/nl-NL/solr-hide/ht-s5805-b/p/157320 I think back in 2017 and at least once a year I will go to watch something and there will be no audio. The first time it happened I thought it was broken I checked the cables and everything and I finally found some post online somewhere about the same thing happening and a "reset" fixing it, so that's what I did.




This set is hooked up to everything, so my Xbox One X, Nvidia Shield Pro, Cable Media box etc and I use it almost daily, so it's really annoying. Anyway now tomorrow I will have to go through the manual and calibrate the speaker distance and also find out how to re-enable Atmos and TruHD passthrough because of course that isn't plug and play and didn't work with the film I watched.

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