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CCleaner & its registry editor; how safe to use?



Yesterday I had reset my Windows 10 notebook. I use CCleaner mainly for deleting System's Temp files, Memory Dumps, Windows Log files & Internet Caches for various browsers (sometimes Spotify Data/Music Cache as well).


But... how safe it is to use the Registry cleaner??

When doing so, I normally create a backup. But after a while, and some apps installed, it could sometimes be wise to revert back but there have been numerous of changes in between for a good working registry again.


So... better leave it as is. Or run the Registry Cleaner anyhow? Or is there another option/tool for this?

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I used to use it all the time and never had an issue, but again no improvements or benefits at all either. Now I don't bother at all.

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Don’t run registry cleaners unless you understand what they are deleting. You are asking for a bad time. 

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