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Need a recommendation for a router



My neighbor has Xfinity (Comcast) internet around 50/Mbs and lives in a 3 bedroom mobile home. He is currently using the router supplied from Xfinity and is having issues with his CCTV cameras not able to connect/see the wireless network. He stated to me that he put in a signal booster, but that did not help, so his next logical step would be to replace the router. If I am not mistaken what he currently has is considered a Gateway device (modem and router) and I know from first hand experience that those devices are crap. His setup is 2 or 3 desktops which I think are all Ethernet connected, plus cell phones X3, Alexa and smart lights, plus his outdoor cameras, which he was in the process of running Ethernet to. What would a decent router be?

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I don't know, if you are having reception issues this might not be best, but i'd say Linksys AC1900 off ebay for $40+ and installed openwrt. Router is a beast. I bought one new 6 years ago for $275.. .since then I got one for my girlfriends house for $70 off ebay and my parents last month for $40.

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