Freezing for a few seconds problem with pc

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The freeze isn't techically a "freeze", when it happens like for example in video games everyone who i'm playing with  freezes but I can still move around and when it stops after a few seconds i also notice i have moved, but to a completelty diffrent  spot from where i was moving when it was frozen.It also happens on the web for example in google meet classes, where i can still move my mouse, but I can't hear anyone and they're camera either freezes or turns off completely. If you have even a slight idea how this could be fixed, please tell me.

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Steven P.

This actually sounds like a lag problem, maybe the server you are connecting to has a very high ping (like over 200?)


if it is not that  then you might be suffering from micro stutters, and yes it is very annoying. I suggest using LatencyMon to see if any drivers are causing your system to freeze

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I'd check if you've got bufferbloat issues (or someone is overloading your network)


might be worth updating your network drivers and the firmware on your router if the ISP is good

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