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I am visiting Alabama, which precautions should I take?


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I am visiting relatives in Alabama (my mother is from there) and many of them are anti-vaxxers/Trump supporters.


How should I protect myself?


Which precautions should I take?

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Mosquito repellent.  That is all. 


Alabama isn't some third world country...and though there are a lot of dumbasses here...doesn't mean they aren't nice.


Regarding MAGA/anti-vaxer, just avoid those conversations.  You won't win.

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Treat them like normal human beings and I'm sure they'll treat you like a normal human being. The toxic politics in the US is so caught up in dehumanizing anyone on the opposite "side" you lot have lost your shared humanity, and that toxicity is unfortunately spreading to other countries, it's sad to see. 


I've travelled every state in the US for years, met and stayed with many ardent supporters on both sides of the political spectrum, most are good people, Alabama was no different. What exactly are you wanting to "protect yourself" from?

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Unless your a person of color and I am serious about this, you should be fine. Take care of yourself and dont worry about others. 

I only mention the person of color thing because I have plenty of friends who have told me that if I ever make it to the south and go towards alabama, louisiana, etc I should expect closest racists just like the midwest. Unless I go into the country / boonies (just like the midwest), I should be fine for the most part.

This hasn't stopped me from going south, I just have no reason to go south yet

Either way I think you should be fine

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On 12/07/2021 at 23:08, ZakO said:

What exactly are you wanting to "protect yourself" from?

Or rather “What baited discussion were they trying to start”…

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On 12/07/2021 at 14:39, Steven P. said:

I came here to say carry condoms, but if you are visiting relatives I will leave it to someone else to answer 😛 

I think that's probably still sound advice

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  • 2 weeks later...

The trip went great.


It actually rained very hard which forced me to pull over a couple of times.


The (smoked) BBQ briskets and ribs were great, but now, I probably need to lose a couple of pounds.


I also got to visit the swamps of Louisiana.





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